Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Get Away From Stress

Stress can often consume us and these few tips can help you manage that! So with the semester winding down, stress levels are usually raised very high for everyone. When stress comes we tend to turn to bad things in like such as junk food, alcohol, and avoiding the important things that have to get done, or at least that's what I do. You always see everyone freaking out over classes or presentations and it really isn't good for our health. Even today I had a presentation and although it wasn't that big of one, the group and presentation itself made me very stressed at it changed by body. Last night I barely got any sleep because I was tossing and turning over the stress that this project gave me. My group members were slacking and I was worried that it wouldn't all get done on time or come together when it needed to. Because of this I went to sleep late, and had to wake up hours earlier than I usually do to compile this project. All day I have had a headache and just haven't felt like myself. I have been irritable and my body is aching. Stress can do crazy things to your body and isn't something that we should take lightly. We should all learn how to manage our stress better because the impact on our body is so unhealthy and is no fun. By taking time out of our day and relaxing we can lower these stress levels and can maintain our bodies health. No matter what you are dealing with there is no reason to stress to much because itll pass and well all do great. Here are some methods that help me manage my stress, and I think they can help you: Sleep - I can tell you this from first hand experience, if you don't get enough sleep, it will throw everything off. No getting enough sleep can make you more irritable throughout the day among other things, and no one enjoys an irritable person. Not sleeping also gets us tired throughout the day. Being tired can lead to many things including missing workouts. When we miss workouts it puts a hamper in our training and can lead to worse things. When we are tired, we don't care about what we eat and that leads to my next point. Food - Eating junk food doesn't solve anything, no matter how much people think it does. Eating bad food that tastes good may make us feel good in that moment, but it is so bad for our bodies. This food makes us feel bad and can even lead to stress and keep the cycle going. If we eat healthy food it can reduce stress levels multiple ways. Eating healthy makes us feel healthy which makes us feel good about ourselves. Eating healthy also gives us the vitamins and nutrients our body needs to maintain its healthy self and a healthy body is a healthy you. Exercise - Nothing relieves stress like hitting the weights. Whether it is stress from anger or from school, exercising can clear our minds and help us relax. Exercising gives us a natural high that is great for us. It gives us energy and makes us feel good just like eating healthy. Procrastination - nothing is more stressful than waiting until the last second to finish something. With most of us students semesters winding down there will be many papers and presentations due. Starting these assignments early can prevent future unnecessary stress. Prioritize your life and realize what is more important. At this moment, homework is more important than TV and video games. School is our future and we need to take that seriously. Take time for yourself - Alone time can work wonders and is something that I rarely get. I am always around people whether its in class or at my apartment. Some time to ourselves can help us get a clear head and reflect on everything we have to do. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we miss things that we are supposed to do. Go into your room and turn everything off. I recently realized that about 95% of my day I am looking at a screen of some sort. This cant be good for our eyes let alone our brains. By turning everything off we can actually get some peace and quiet. Just relax and take deep breaths and reflect on everything you need to. Don't worry - Worry does no good for us. We have the opportunity to make our future and there is no reason for worry. If something is due, do it. If we don't like our look, workout. We have the chance to change our lives and we often times forget that and instead be lazy and just wish we could be better or different. Worrying isn't good for anyone health and only leads to worse things. I know that I am a hypochondriac and all I do is worry and as hard as it is I realize that it is so bad for me. DON'T WORRY, everything will workout. The new year is coming and that is a great opportunity to make some new life goals. Promise yourself that you will workout more or change your diet, WE HAVE THE CHANCE TO CHANGE OUR FUTURES. Lets all stay motivated and remember what is important in our lives. Health is one of our main concerns in life and is something that we can control to an extent. Give your body what it needs to thrive and don't let stress overtake you. Having a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body and that is something that we should all strive for. Following these steps can help you reduce and maintain stress and I know that they helped me. Article Source:


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